The Hardest Part of The Creative Process (Plus a Sneak Peak of My New Book Series)

In the past few years I’ve created and released quite a few different creative projects and thus I’ve become very accustomed to what I like to call:

The creative cycle that’s really fun and kind of sucks at the same time (TM).

What is this cycle you may ask? (Okay, you probably didn’t ask, but I’ll tell you anyway.)

The first step is the genesis of the idea.  This step is awesome.  This is when the idea is circling around in your mind and starts to grow stronger and stronger.  This is the dreaming phase and this step (at least for me) is more exciting than a bear eating a banana.

The second step is the implementation.  This is when you start to give your idea legs and it begins to materialize before you.  This step (again, at least for me) is also pretty exciting as it’s really enjoyable to see the idea start to come to life.

The third part of the cycle is the stretch.  And this is the part that I REALLY don’t like.  This is the part where the newness and the excitement of the idea start to wear off and the idea becomes a whole lot of work.

How I ALWAYS feel at this part of the process
How I ALWAYS feel at this part of the process

I imagine this is where a lot of people give up on their ideas because they fall out of love with them BUT I have found that if you can push through this phase you’ll grow to love your idea once more when it reaches…

The completion.   Ah sweet, sweet completion.  I always get a high (legal I swear) when I reach this phase.  The project is completed!  It has fully come together and it is wondrous to behold.  This phase is always worth the struggle of any step previous.

Right now I am smack dab at the end of the stretch.  And it’s really grinding me down, but I am so close to completion (my goal release date for my first kids book is April 1) that I’m just trying to sprint to the finish.

HOWEVER, I got the cover back from my designer, and that gave me a big shot of excitement…

Which brings me to the part of the post where I spill the beans on what exactly my first kids book is going to be… sooooo….drum roll please…….



Yes.  You read that right.  I’m writing a book series about a zombie dishwasher…errr… a SUPER zombie dishwasher and it’s going to be epic-ly hilarious.

It will be available for sale on Amazon right at the beginning of April (it’s on track right now for April 1st)

And here’s the deal-  to celebrate its publication and to get the series off on the right foot, I’m giving away a TON of free copies and I want to give one to you (yes you!) too.

All you have to do is join the free email list and the day it’s released I’ll send you a link to where you can get it completely for free.

The truth is I’m doing this for pretty selfish reasons.  My hope is that after you read your free copy you’ll be kind enough to leave a review on Amazon (which can be hard to come by when you’re first starting out as an author.)

Again, it’s completely free and the book is an entertaining and hilarious book you can easily read in one sitting.  And if you have kids, it’s a great book to read together.

Oh and please note that it’s going to be a free ebook, so you’ll need a device with the Kindle app on it.

Anyway here’s the link to sign up for the mailing list and I promise you I won’t send you a ton of emails or spam you at all.  Because ew.  Spam.

Get the free book by clicking here (limited time only)


Hope you enjoy!  Please let me know what you think of the cover and/or any other thoughts you may have in the comments below  🙂